Hey pals, I would continue writing on my new blog called ‘Keyboard Gone Rogue’. I started my journey of blogging with Tumblr.com. Then out of your and my love was born ‘www.surbhibhosle.com’ named after myself. But today, this has so much become part of my life and my constant companion that I feel it has its own life. It is the first one to say me Good Morning and last to wish me night. We love each other and often talk to each other. And so I decided to name this special friend of mine and maybe yours too! From now on, read all my previous posts and all the new upcoming interesting stuff on ‘www.keyboardgonerogue.com’. I am sure you must be curious on why this name, right? So visit the blog itself and read ‘My Blog’s Story’!

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About Me:

Hey there, my name is Surbhi Bhosle. I am a passionate writer, an addictive reader and a curious human being. Improving my way of living life by learning through experiences, both mine and other’s, I firmly believe that the best way to live a lively life is to absorb the moral values into our soul. The core values of your soul and the beliefs of your heart shape the thoughts of your mind which ultimately leads to a change in outlook as well as attitude. So a seed of positive value becomes a fruitful tree of happiness in your life. In my blog I give existence to my learning through some short scenarios of life. I think stories are the best way to soak up the knowledge. In love with creative writing, I write stories which are very close to reality as well, so that all of you can really connect and practice their teachings in your life.

I haven’t written for any Forbes or Times or had got a Harvard degree. But my life has become my greatest teacher and my blog my platform to help my community live a happy life. I am not too old, being a twenty ager, but there had been many twists and turns which have transformed me from disillusioned to a focused woman today. Graduated as an Electronic Engineer, then worked as a Software Professional with one of the biggest software firms, only to discover my utter disinterest in the technological work. Although I realized my orientation towards human resource aspect of work and ended up pursuing Masters in Human Resources, the administrative office work did not helped satiate me. Being a creative and free mind, I started an online fashion store called ‘Playfully Bold’. Short of investment, I designed my own website and created the content for the store. When I wrote the creative content, the faded passion of writing reemerged in my life. I have always composed poems and stories in my childhood till I lost it to my academic goals.

But the major influence in my life has always been my husband who encouraged me to pursue happiness instead of money. He is the one who guided me on my passionate journey of blogging. Starting fresh in the world of content writing, I have worked with many, as a disclosed writer and as a guest blogger in the past 2 years. Freelancing on different writing platforms helped me gain a varied exposure, both to the vast content and writing styles. Bitten by an undying wanderlust, travelling places has made my life more meaningful and my memories more colorful. Hope I can make yours too full of colors. And I cannot forget telling you the place of love in my life. I love my family and my husband a lot. They are the strength of my life. My parents are just perfect and the most caring, my brother is the best a sibling could be, my very much sisterly sister-in-law and my husband is the most loving in the world. Love your family and your soulmate, take care of them, because you may not realize it now, but they are the most precious gift of your life.

I am naive and will always be naive to the secrets of this endless world. But being an explorer in the maze of this beautiful life, I aim to find the best ways to live it. You can accompany me friends, because our journeys are very similar! Your feedback are always welcomed and you can freely share your concerns with me. I am available on contactme@keyboardgonerogue.

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